About this project

About this project
1. All profiles and lists are public by default. If you want to make your profile private and secret, change the access level while registering or editing profile. The same about the lists: make them secret if necessary while creating or editing.
2. The website usage is free. No paid services are planned. The functionality is eqial for everybody, and it is being increased from time to time.
3. There is a search bar at the bottom of the pages. It checks names, usernames, and lists. I you can imagine, that anyone of your friends is registered here, you can search them. You can add people in bookmarks. No following or friending is planned. You can write letters to other users.
4. The lists and list items can be moved up and down. The lists can be nested. The list items can be set special (“mark”) and stricken (“ready”) or italic (“doubt”). The lists can be edited at a new window or right at their pages.
5. Every list can be added with URL part, it will be displayed after your username at the list URL.
6. Your private lists and profiles are marked with lock icon; other’s ones can’t be shown for you. Public list and profiles can be shared in the popular social networks: the buttons for this are at the bottom.
7. The lists can be sorted alphabetically in one click, but temporarily; this click don’t change saved order of the list items.
8. You can add pictures to decorate your profile and lists, and an userpic displayed at the left part; the userpic is added while editing the profile.
9. The same e-mail can be used for several profiles; while logging in you can use your e-mail, or your username, or your real name.
10. Press Ctrl+Enter to submit data (correspondence, adding or editing lists and items) or Escape to hide blocks with forms.
11. Add a progress bar (with a double click at the right side of items): percentage of execution of your tasks or a level of the interest.
12. At the right menu there are your most important lists.

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